Lunar Love

We’ve been holding onto this one for quite awhile just waiting for the right moment to let it shine. And so today, in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 spacecraft landing on the moon, The Celebrations Game proudly gives you, “Lunar Love.”

Lunar Love

Nope — they’re not astronauts. Just a pair of fun-loving chums living it up on a tour of NASA.

And the ooey-gooey goodness of this one continues in the text of their announcement. Feel free to read the whole thing, but for the sake of time, the best part is the last graph.

lunar love details

We haven’t seen their “Spring of 2009” wedding announcement, so here’s to hoping they decided to wait until today to tie the knot!


Source: No URL available; scanned from hard copy which appeared in

The Times of Northwest Indiana (Munster)

April 20, 2008


Love is the Pits

Working on your guest list?

Here’s our advice: Don’t invite the armpits.


Thank you Texas!


Thank you Maine!


Thank you Montana!

armpit 4

Thank you Indiana!


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Scary Movie


Shh…Don’t scream.


Don’t Believe Us?

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