Can You See Me Now?

Can you see me now

You have to look REALLY close, but there’s a girl behind that man.

Camo fooled you didn’t it!?


Don’t Believe Us?

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Gayle’s Man

The Celebrations Game is proud to announce the engagement and approaching wedding of our new feature….

It’s In The Details:

“Gayle’s Man”

Gayle's Man Details

“Margaret Sheets of Lebanon, Ohio announces the cohabitation, without benefit of clergy, of her delightful son James and Gayle Schmidt of Fort Myers, Florida. They will receive visitors, by appointment only, B.Y.O.B., at their home on Ensign Court in the Caloosa Yacht & Racquet Club. Large cash appreciations may be directed to The Committee to Finance Gayle’s Man’s Lavish Life Style, James E. Sheets, Chairman.”


Don’t Believe Us?

This is my left hand, This is my right hand

It’s the token “look I’m engaged!” pose — you know the ones that look like this:

left hand ring pic

Pretty hard to botch up such a cookie-cutter, standard, by-the-book pose, but look out for these cool cats who dared to break the mold.

Sing, “This is my left hand, this is my… RIGHT HAND!”

wrong hand 1

Thanks Missouri!

wrong hand 2

Thanks Ohio!

wrong hand 3

Thanks Washington!

(Okay, so this gal technically has her left hand in view, but she just looks like she is holding up her right hand very purposefully.)


Don’t Believe Us?  — Click the photos for the sources.

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