It’s In The Details!

The Celebrations Game is proud to announce the engagement and approaching wedding of our new feature….

“It’s in the details!”

In the process of searching for crazy announcement photos, we discovered quite a treasure trove once we dared to dig deeper.

Just a few of those gems:

  • elaborate descriptions of attire and decorations
  • overuse of adjectives such as “lovely” and “elegant”
  • blatant lack of etiquette (“please send cash gifts to….”)
  • and a handful of creatively worded wonderfulness

So now, hold onto your lovely tulle-covered chiavari chairs (which are wrapped with an elegant satin ribbon edged with hand-sewn swarovski crystals) and get ready to send those cash gifts…here come the details!

Shower Shout-Outs

We’ve taken out much of this novel of an announcement (to view the whole thing click here), but we’ve left our favorite parts below. Enjoy these beautiful details adorned by cascading greenery.

“The beautiful wedding chapel in Troy was the setting for the recent evening wedding of Lauren Casey Billingsley and Timothy Alan Davidson, both of Union City. . .

Let’s just skip to the reception that’s the fun part of the day anyway…


“The Moffatt Centré in Troy was the setting for a reception. The tables were draped with white linen tablecloths and illuminating hurricane vases accented with truffle ribbon and votive candles.

“A buffet-style table was set up with an assortment of finger foods, which consisted of pork tenderloin, sweet and sour chicken, deli-style crescent sandwiches, various fresh vegetables and fruits with an array of dips, a variety of cheeses and crackers and chips and dip.

(So glad the dips got a shout-out twice, they might have felt bad if they weren’t included.)

“The centerpiece for the food table (Wow, we are really going there huh?) was a large arrangement of various summer flowers with greenery cascading over a beautiful vase. . .

Skipping a lot here, if you want to read about the REHEARSAL DINNER, click the link above to the full announcement).

And now for more unnecessary shout-outs….yup, they included a list of each wedding shower held in their honor…whoa.

“HOME DECOR SHOWER A home decor shower was held at the home of Linda Robinson of Union City, friend of the groom’s mother. Guests enjoyed a variety of finger foods and banana punch. Special guests included the bride’s mother and the groom’s mother and grandmother.

LUAU-THEMED SHOWER A luau-themed shower was held at the home of Brittany Carter. Guests enjoyed a variety of fresh fruits, a Hawaiian pineapple cake and fresh lemonade. A money tree was provided for the couple to enjoy on their honeymoon. The bride’s mother was as a special guest.

MISCELLANEOUS SHOWER A miscellaneous shower was given by the employees at the Union City Doctor’s Clinic. Guests enjoyed a variety of homemade dishes and tea. Special guest was the mother of the bride.

MISCELLANEOUS SHOWER Another miscellaneous shower was hosted by the bride’s co-workers at Dr. Jordan and Bondurant’s office. Guests were served a variety of finger foods and cake.

LINGERIE SHOWER A lingerie shower was held at the home of Amanda Bell. Guests were treated to finger foods, consisting of a variety of chips and dip, dipping breads and cake.”

Aren’t they going to mention any special guests at this one? Perhaps a fireman?


Please Send Whiskey

We don’t have a photo for this one, but the details are just so incredibly wonderful we couldn’t help but share. You’ll be sorry if you don’t click on the link below to read the full announcement, but here are a few details in case you are lazy.

“Chelsea ‘Look At My Diplomas’ Holden Baker and Noah ‘Hometown Hero’ DeLorme have decided to stop pretending they’re even mildly interested in other people and mate for life.”

Further down in the announcement:

“In lieu of gifts please send whiskey, aged 10 years, in commemoration of their decade of on-again-off-again dating.”

Click Here To Read Full Announcement


At Least They’re Honest

commercial background

Here are the gems:

“…He is working towards his degree in Criminal Justice and actively working towards obtaining his goal of becoming a state trooper. Scott is also working on mastering household tasks such as dishes, laundry, and folding clothes one baby step at a time.”

“…Alison is also working on becoming “domesticated” and branching out of her cooking specialties of grilled cheese, Ramen noodles, and chicken and potatoes to a more diverse menu”


Don’t Believe Us?

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Totally engaged

“Tim Carroll and Alisha Brown are totally engaged. It was obvious from the start that these two a re a perfect fit. After an endless amount of bad jokes that only they high fived over, Tim realized that Alisha is his one and only true love. On September 19, 2009, their love will become infinite with the sacred vows of marriage. Booyah!”

Don’t Believe Us?

“Gayle’s Man”

Gayle's Man Details

“Margaret Sheets of Lebanon, Ohio announces the cohabitation, without benefit of clergy, of her delightful son James and Gayle Schmidt of Fort Myers, Florida. They will receive visitors, by appointment only, B.Y.O.B., at their home on Ensign Court in the Caloosa Yacht & Racquet Club. Large cash appreciations may be directed to The Committee to Finance Gayle’s Man’s Lavish Life Style, James E. Sheets, Chairman.”


Don’t Believe Us?

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