Tongue Tied

This submission comes to us from Iowa. Here’s what the submitter wrote:

At first, you might wonder,

“Does he have a Starburst hanging out of his mouth? A peppermint? A piece of meat? Ohhhhh, nooooo … that’s his tongue.”

The details in this announcement are great as well. This fun-loving couple tied the knot on 8/9/2010 at 11. The bride proudly changed her last name to that of the groom. The groom will be keeping his last name although as the announcement says, “He does prefer to be called ‘Mr. Wonderful’ from time to time.”


Don’t Believe Us?

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Love Seat

Love Seat

When R.A.H. (one of our top commenters) submitted this celebration, these two questions were posed:

What is he smelling in the air?


Why is she staring at his man package?

We’d also like to ask,

Does Grandma know her chair is missing?


Don’t Believe Us?

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