Disappointed Duo

Disappointed Duo

Not just anyone can pull off the serious look.  These guys look supremely peeved. What’d you do? Buy them another toaster?! Gees. How could you?


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Speak No Evil

Covered Mouth

I guess the days when his opinions mattered are over.


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The Shelf

The shelf

A lazy version of the traditional engagement portrait.

Couldn’t she have moved her hand up just a little?


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Oh So Subtle!


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This is my left hand, This is my right hand

It’s the token “look I’m engaged!” pose — you know the ones that look like this:

left hand ring pic

Pretty hard to botch up such a cookie-cutter, standard, by-the-book pose, but look out for these cool cats who dared to break the mold.

Sing, “This is my left hand, this is my… RIGHT HAND!”

wrong hand 1

Thanks Missouri!

wrong hand 2

Thanks Ohio!

wrong hand 3

Thanks Washington!

(Okay, so this gal technically has her left hand in view, but she just looks like she is holding up her right hand very purposefully.)


Don’t Believe Us?  — Click the photos for the sources.

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