Rear View

butt grab

Double butt grab.



Don’t Believe Us?


She ain’t heavy, She’s my fiancĂ©

Leap Frog Fail

She’s not that heavy dude — really. Help a sister out.


Don’t Believe Us?

(From the Aug. 28th issue of the Bismarck Tribune)

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Bridal Booze

bridal booze

We love when folks mix guns, booze and engagement announcements.

Throw in a few costumes and the formula is complete.


Don’t Believe Us?

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Head Over Heels

head over heels

How’s the view down there?


From the Bismarck (North Dakota) Tribune — June 22, 2008. Taken from the cover of the “Celebrate” section. We do not have a URL to link to for the source of this one, but trust us, it’s legit.

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