Playground Love


One giant WTF to this Playground Posse!

Seriously, where do we start!?


Don’t Believe Us?




Because drunken risque garter removal ceremonies aren’t awkward enough.

Cheers to announcing your love in the local paper drink in hand, dress hiked up, and groom on the ground.



Don’t Believe Us?

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Covered Mouth

I guess the days when his opinions mattered are over.


Don’t Believe Us?

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Like omigod! We are like engaged!

This is my left hand, This is my right hand

It’s the token “look I’m engaged!” pose — you know the ones that look like this:

left hand ring pic

Pretty hard to botch up such a cookie-cutter, standard, by-the-book pose, but look out for these cool cats who dared to break the mold.

Sing, “This is my left hand, this is my… RIGHT HAND!”

wrong hand 1

Thanks Missouri!

wrong hand 2

Thanks Ohio!

wrong hand 3

Thanks Washington!

(Okay, so this gal technically has her left hand in view, but she just looks like she is holding up her right hand very purposefully.)


Don’t Believe Us?  — Click the photos for the sources.

One Happy Couple

So Happy Together

The Celebrations Game wishes this couple

a lifetime of happiness and laughter.


Don’t Believe Us?

The Mullet


Decorative border. Eyes closed. Mullet. Should we go on?


Don’t Believe Us?

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