At Least They’re Honest

It’s In The Details:

This one caught our eye because of the TVĀ  in the background (can you figure out what the commercial is for?). When we clicked on the announcement we realized we were in for a treat.

commercial background

Here are the gems:

“…He is working towards his degree in Criminal Justice and actively working towards obtaining his goal of becoming a state trooper. Scott is also working on mastering household tasks such as dishes, laundry, and folding clothes one baby step at a time.”

“…Alison is also working on becoming “domesticated” and branching out of her cooking specialties of grilled cheese, Ramen noodles, and chicken and potatoes to a more diverse menu”


Don’t Believe Us?

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This pose had its potential, but now we’re afraid she might break.


Don’t Believe Us?

The Gawker

Look Me in the Eyes

Whoa buddy! Eyes up here; not down there!


Don’t Believe Us?

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A few gems from the announcement:

“And the groom wore … a full-length burgundy leather coat and a handmade leather mask.”

“He is employed by Warhorse Productions as a full-contact armored jouster.”


Don’t Believe Us?

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