What Is She Hiding?

look at me when i'm talking to you

What do you think is going on in this wedding announcement?

A. She just stole the remote and won’t give it back.

B. She’s holding the back of her dress together because it ripped when someone stepped on her train.

C. She doesn’t realize her husband is a vampire and ready to bite.

D. Something else entirely — Tell us in the comments!


Don’t Believe Us?


The Gawker

Look Me in the Eyes

Whoa buddy! Eyes up here; not down there!


Don’t Believe Us?

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Love Seat

Love Seat

When R.A.H. (one of our top commenters) submitted this celebration, these two questions were posed:

What is he smelling in the air?


Why is she staring at his man package?

We’d also like to ask,

Does Grandma know her chair is missing?


Don’t Believe Us?

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